Inviting people to imagine what they would see, think and feel if they were to experience the space in person.

I specialize in architectural and design photography, capturing interiors and exteriors for the hotel and resort industry. My experience is comprehensive—from photographing guest rooms to meeting rooms, ballrooms, lobbies, pools and other common (and not-so-common) areas.  


  • Scouting, including preparation of a shot list
  • Creative direction
  • Styling and staging
  • Interior photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Post-production processing, editing and retouching
  • Electronic file delivery and archiving

What's it like to work together?

You'll find the process to be easy, and the results to meet or even exceed your expectations.

I like to keep things comfortable, straightforward and professional. It all begins with a conversation about your location and property, shooting dates, and how many finished images you want to capture. From our discussion, I will prepare a written estimate for your consideration. With your approval, we'll schedule a date to meet for scouting and a walkthrough. Then we'll set a date for shooting.


  • I'll want you or your representative to be onsite for the shoot. This ensures we capture everything you need, and we do it efficiently with minimal disruption.
  • I come with a considerable amount of gear. I don't rely exclusively on technology to make images what they should be. I use my equipment and experience to capture as much as possible "in the moment." So yes, I'll be bringing more than a camera and tripod—I consider it one of the marks of a photographer who's been doing this for awhile
  • I'll bring an assistant. Or two. This ensures the shoot is completed as efficiently as possible.
  • I'll be considerate of your property and your image. I am conscientious about keeping our shooting space neat and tidy. While there will be lots of equipment, it will not be strewn all over the place. And while we may move things around a bit to accommodate the best composition, when we are finished I will leave your space as I found it.
  • I carry insurance. While it's unlikely there will be an issue (isn't that the premise of all insurance policies?), insurance to cover liability and property damage is in place—just in case. I can provide a certificate of coverage within 24 hours for any client or property.  

Why choose me?

I understand architecture and design, and know how to capture hotel and resort properties in a way that promotes bottom line results. 


I've been focused on architectural and design photography for more than ten years. With that experience comes a keen understanding of the hotel and resort industry—an industry that is highly competitive, and one in which photography plays a significant role in setting the right tone, establishing the right image, and attracting the guests you need to drive bottom line results. 


I understand how to approach the three-dimensional spaces that are all around us, and translate them into two dimensional images without sacrificing the depth that makes them so enticing. I understand what makes a good photograph, from composition to lighting, to styling and staging, to understanding the intricacies and capabilities of every piece of equipment I carry. I know how to lead the eye through an image. I know that less is often more. And I appreciate the difference 15 minutes can make when the sun is directing part of my shot.


From initial communication, to understanding your goals, to capturing and delivering images that showcase your property in the best possible way, I will make the process easy–even enjoyable–for you. The calm demeanor you notice when we meet is the same persona you'll see on the photo shoot. I've been doing this long enough to know what to anticipate, how to respond, and what to do to ensure the best images possible.      

Photography has the power to determine whether you win or lose a booking.

Your images prepare potential guests for what’s to come and convey your experience with a single glance.

High quality hotel images will increase the average time travelers spend browsing, increase your room rates, improve your hotel’s online reputation and up-sell your services  


  • Has years of experience shooting hotels, interior design and architecture
  • Works with an assistant who is also a skilled photographer
  • Will walk through with you to look at various angles and lighting needs
  • Will capture your hotel and showcase your brand in the best light
  • Is proficient in using both natural and artificial light
  • Will spend considerable amount of time editing and retouching
  • Has a thorough understanding of the technical requirements
  • Has industry knowledge
  • Has the technical and creative skills to create the look that fits your brand

Powerful Visuals Win Bookings!

Let's put your best image forward. Call or email for more information on how I can help you.