Creating depth in hotel room photography

The human eye sees so much more than the camera can. It has peripheral vision that the lens can’t capture, and depth perception that’s difficult to simulate.

Therein lies the art of an experienced photographer: the ability to translate the depth and of our three-dimensional surroundings to an inviting, two-dimensional image. Technique makes it entirely possible.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Keep objects to a minimum. The space shouldn’t feel crowded or congested. Less truly is more, especially when some space must be allocated for proper lighting.

  • Preserve space between objects. This prevents objects from “stacking” in the image. The space between objects generates flow, and works to lead the eye through the image. Sometimes we’ll even remove an item or shift objects within the frame in order to promote better flow.

  • Create an entrance. We keep the foreground free of large objects, creating a visual entrance to the space. Often we’ll capture flooring in the foreground to make it more welcoming, as though the viewer could step right into the image frame.

A properly composed image is easy to look at. It invites the viewer to be part of the space, and leads the eye from start to finish.  

Deep spaces...
a place for lingering.

If you have interior spaces to capture at your hotel or resort property, let’s talk. Experience makes all the difference in showing your property at its best.