Preserving image integrity in the digital world

You’d be hard-pressed to find a photographer who still shoots film. The digital camera has rendered film a bit of a relic, while ushering in countless tools for image retouching geared to all levels of experience.

It’s a blessing and somewhat of a curse.

The good

Digital photography allows us to preview images immediately, when before we shot Polaroids to get a sense of what the camera could see. It also allows us to shoot tethered to a computer, where we can control the camera from the keyboard and minimize disruption of the equipment. Digital photography even lets us share images with our clients onsite, enabling them to make decisions on-the-spot when necessary.

The not-so-good

Digital photography has brought with it many, many tools for image manipulation and retouching. Quality image retouching, however, is an art. In inexperienced hands, software can inadvertently create a false sense of reality that doesn’t serve the purpose of our work. In addition, every effort to correct an image deficiency with software is an opportunity to degrade its technical quality.

How we preserve image integrity in the digital world:

  • We shoot in raw format. This allows us to gather the most information from the camera in terms of color and tonal range.
  • We fix before we shoot. It’s almost always easier, faster and less costly to fix a composition on set than to retouch it in post-production. We take a purist approach in that we do as much of our work as possible “in the camera” rather than deferring to software for addressing deficiencies after the fact.
  • We use professional post-production software for necessary and creative adjustments. This includes color correction, saturation adjustments, and minimal compositing.  

Digital photography and its variety of software applications are valuable tools to the craft of image making. It is a blend of art and science, with an appropriate space for both.

If you have interior spaces to capture at your hotel or resort property, let’s talk. Experience makes all the difference in showing your property at its best.